New Era

and the NBA.

I had the pleasure of designing a complete collection in collaboration with New Era and the NBA. They granted me creative freedom to play with colors and shapes. In the end, we achieved a collaboration that included the following garments:

I designed five unique styles (for the Bucks, Lakers, Warriors, Bulls, and Nets), bringing them to life in the 9FIFTY silhouette. Each design prominently featured the respective team’s logo on the front panels, complemented by an explosion of color with my distinctive touch.

I created two short-sleeve shirts, one showcasing the Lakers logo and the other displaying the Chicago Bulls logo on the chest, along with a design related to the sport on the back.

Additionally, I designed two sweatshirts, one for the Lakers and the other for the Bulls, both in black. These sweatshirts featured the NBA team’s logo on the front and an explosive basketball design on the back.